Birth doula support

My birth support package includes:

> an initial consultation meeting to give you opportunity to decide if you want to go ahead

> a minimum of 2 antenatal sessions

> help with creating your birth plan if you feel you need it

> unlimited phone and email support throughout your pregnancy

> access to a regular birth-pool-in-a-box (with a deposit)

> on-call period from 38 weeks until the birth

> continuous emotional, physical and practical support through labour and the birth of your baby(ies)

> one postnatal visit

> support available by phone/email/text for the first 6 weeks after birth

Birth doula support package £795

This package is adapted to suit each individual circumstance, please ask me if there is something else specific that you need.

A general note about fees:  Pregnancy, birth and new babies can sometimes seem to come loaded with financial commitments.  My aim is not to add to the burden and my birth package is consciously priced to enable me to provide you with the support you deserve.  My fee can be broken down and paid in smaller, monthly instalments over a longer period in an attempt to make it easier to manage.

Postnatal doula support

Postnatal support is available on a flexible schedule to best suit you (dependent on availability).

> starts any time from the day after your baby is born – some families opt to start from when the partner returns to work

>request the hours you require each week to best support you, your baby and your family

>hours can be weekday, weekend, day-time, evening or night-time

>includes help with feeding and with sling wearing if needed

Postnatal doula support £16 per hour

Antenatal Classes

Practical and personal support in preparing for birth without having a doula at your birth. An alternative, or in addition, to your free provision, these antenatal preparation sessions are in your home and have your individual needs at their core.

> one-to-one in your own home

> flexible booking around your commitments (subject to availability)

> delivered in 3 x 2-hour sessions

> includes telephone and email support up to the birth

Antenatal preparation £120

Antenatal breastfeeding workshop

Covering what you need to know about infant feeding to get you off to a good start

>includes, if necessary, an opportunity to debrief or talk about any previous experience of breastfeeding to discuss how to remove potential barriers for this time round

> includes a real-time, postnatal follow-up for prompts, reminders and a chance to troubleshoot if needed.

Antenatal breastfeeding workshop £75

Closing the Bones

Closing the Bones is an ancient tradition offering an opportunity for you to be wonderfully nurtured after your experience of birth.

It is available at any point after your baby is born, from early days to years later! It is warming and gently and nurturing when received once, its even more beneficial to have your bones closed more than one over a few weeks as your body recovers and adjusts and heals.

Closing the Bones £45 (or 3 sessions for £120)

Mileage:  Please be aware that in addition to the above fees, if you live outside the Fylde Coast (i.e. you do not have an FY postcode) then I will include a standard mileage charge to your total fee.  Total costs will always be discussed with you before you make any commitment.