Basic privacy

Your privacy, and ensuring your information remains confidential, is really important to me and I have a legal obligation to keep it that way too.

As a Doula UK member I adhere to their Code of Conduct and Social Media Guidelines, if you believe that I have not followed the guidance appropriately then you can contact or

As a legal requirement, you are entitled to know what information is being held about you. It should be collected with your consent and it should be relevant to our relationship. Data which identifies you should only be kept for as long as it is relevant and should be destroyed when it is no longer needed. Your information will never be passed on to 3rd parties, except in safeguarding circumstances to protect you or a child in your care.

Your information will never be used to contact you for anything unrelated to our agreement.

At any time, even if you have consented to the information being collected and stored, you can ask for all information held about you, which identifies you, to be destroyed.

Once you have contacted me, via any of the channels available to you, I will hold identifiable data about you.  If you do not book my services, then I will delete your personal data as soon as is reasonable.


If we enter into an agreement, i.e. if you book my service, then any information I have or I gather during our time together will be kept safely and stored securely.

As above, you can ask to see the information and you can ask for me to delete it at any time.

There may be some information I’m obliged to keep for accounting/tax purposes.


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