What is it?

Postnatal support is tailored to the needs of each family.  As your doula, my role is to enable you to feel best supported as a new parent.

“Zoe was kind, courteous and understanding. I felt she genuinely cared about me and my baby’s wellbeing. She allayed my anxieties and provided praise support and encouragement. When you are a hormonal exhausted mess that is a real help! She helped around my home… was incredibly helpful”

The help you need as a family will be different to others, so be honest about what help you’d like. I’ve been known to walk dogs; accompany mum and baby to sling meets; help build nursery furniture; sort out baby clothes; get on top of the days dishes; sort the washing pile… I’ll do (within reason) whatever is going to enable you as a parent to rest and to adapt to life with your new baby.

How long is it for?

We can arrange a combination of hours/days to suit you best. I do try to be as flexible as I can, however I need to work it out for everyone, and so sometimes I may not have the availability you’d prefer. I’d love to have a chat with you beforehand about what you are looking for – we can talk on the phone or meet up in person (I do love sharing tea and cake!).  If you are currently pregnant and planning ahead for a postnatal doula then there’s no need to wait to contact me, it is particularly lovely to meet up during your pregnancy and get to know each other from there.  Its common for families to look for postnatal support to cover the first 3-4 months but each family is different, and my role is to be there when you need it most and to support you as recover and re-emerge from the birth, then to step away as you feel more able to manage. Some families look for more support a bit further down the line and for longer as the family needs change – I can accommodate all of this with notice and availability.


Postnatal support is available at £20/hr.

Please note that mileage will be charged for work over 10 miles from my base in Blackpool.