Postnatal Agreement

What services can I provide for you?

Emotional and practical support for you after the birth. I am happy to do anything that helps you to rest and care for your baby.

My role is to be led by you, providing the support that you may need along the way. The kind of support I give is often emotional, practical and informational and will be offered unconditionally and without judgement. Our conversations and all correspondence I keep strictly confidential.

I am independent and self-employed. This means that I am working for you, not your caregiver or hospital. I will signpost to other professionals if needed and I will inform you of times I am unavailable.

How do I provide this service to you?

I prefer to meet with you and your partner (antenatally if possible) just to get to know each other, to explore and discuss your priorities, any concerns, and to plan how we might best work together.  If you are clear on the number of hours/days you need we can book those in, or if you are unsure or looking for more flexibility then we can work around availability at the time.                                             

Once your baby is born, or when you are ready, contact me and we can arrange for your first postnatal visit and take it from there.                                                                      

My fees

I charge £20 per hour. A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required in order to secure your booking.  Any ongoing balance is due at the end of each week worked.

If you live outside of the Fylde Coast then there is an additional charge of 45p per mile to cover mileage. Ask me about the cost for you per visit.


Remember that Doula UK also has a voucher scheme, so friends and family can buy you doula support.

No tips are expected – however, some clients like to show their appreciation of the support I have given. If you feel this way any extra payment you would like to give enables me to afford to support women who are in difficult and vulnerable circumstances.


You should know that your privacy and the protection of your information is important to me, as well as a legal requirement. We will need to communicate in the period of time I am working with you, and I will keep all relevant information securely. I won’t share your information with any one else.

At any time, you can ask to see the information I hold about you and you can ask me to delete all of the information. I am obliged to keep some information for accounting/tax purposes.

There is more information here Privacy Policy.

Postnatal Agreement