Breastfeeding Champion of the Year

MaMa 2018 Nominations


Yesterday I recieved an amazing email, it said:

“Massive congratulations!  You have been nominated for the MaMa 2018 Awards in the ‘Breastfeeding Champions of the Year’ category.”

Imagine! Just for a moment imagine what it was like to suddenly see that drop into my Inbox after spending so many hours fighting against a heartless and short-sighted decision to end the fantastic breastfeeding peer support project in my home town of Blackpool; I might have cried!

We are finally (and hopefully not too optimistically!) beginning to feel positive about the most recent meetings with Blackpool Council and we are hoping for a positive outcome but it is not over yet!  There are 3 of us running this campaign in Blackpool, 3 women with a passion for ensuring women are heard, and that the decision they’ve made to breastfeed their babies is not scuppered by a lack of support. We are passionate about this local community and we can see that if local agencies work together and involve local mums, then investment in breastfeeding peer support and the wider image can reduce social isolation, improve women’s mental health, reduce a host of health-related issues and help new mums in Blackpool.

So, thank you for the nomination. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart because it gives me a great excuse to tell more people about how much of a difference this makes to mothers and babies everywhere, and gives me an opportunity to thank two fantastic women, Shel Banks and Ayala Ochert, without whom, this 3-legged stool would fall over – thank you both!

If you want to see more please check out this link and this video of our Presentation to Blackpool Council

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