Doulas are not new, they’re not a passing trend. Women have always provided practical help and emotional support to others through pregnancy, birth and long after.

As for me, I am a woman who has birthed her own babies and a surrogate baby. I am now supporting other women during this transitional time. I am not a health professional, I work for you directly and I am able to support you in a meaningful way.  These are some of the ways in which I work as a doula which might be of benefit to you:

*As a doula, I am not a medical professional. I work for you directly and can respond to your individual needs.

*So that you can make informed decisions, I will provide you with information or help you to find it, and talk through it with you, if you need. I will not tell you what to do.

*I am able to get to know you in pregnancy.  We can arrange the antenatal sessions around your commitments and we can build a relationship so that on the birth of your baby, there is someone with you who understands your needs.

*Your circumstances and choices will be supported and respected by me.  I am able to support your family in the way which suits you best.

*If you are on your own as a single parent, or there is a possiblity you might be alone because your partner works away then I can support you.

*If you have a partner who plans to be there, then I can support both of you.

*My role is to be part of your team.

“My wife and I found Zoe very helpful and supportive during our pregnancy. We feel fortunate to have had Zoe with us for the birth of our baby daughter. I am convinced that had she not been with us I personally would not have been able to cope throughout the more difficult stages”