Whatever the journey and however you are planning the birth of your baby you can have the support of a doula.

“Choosing a doula is really important as this is someone who you need to trust completely and who you believe will be there to support you and your birth partner whatever happens. I felt this with Zoe from the moment I met her and my husband felt the same.”

In spending time with you antenatally, looking at your birth plans together and talking through your options we’ll also be getting to know each other.  Woman to woman support can make such a difference to how you feel as you approach birth, and having someone with you who understands the hormones and the balance of emotions in the room can have a profound difference on the experience.  By the time you go into labour, my aim is for you to feel confident about your birth plans and to feel sure of the person or people who are supporting you.  I want you to know that whatever happens on the day you’ll have the ability to cope. I wholeheartedy believe in the deep power of birthing women.

A big part of my role as your doula is to protect your space and remind you of your abilities and your plan, and I do this while supporting your partner too. Your partner’s love and compassion for you can make such a difference, and with the presence of a doula to look after both of your practical and emotional needs on the day, they can really concentrate on just you and not have to worry about doing other things.

“Asking your husband to be your sole guide through labor is like asking him to lead the way on a climb of Mt Everest. He may be smart and trustworthy, you may love him, but in the Himalayas you’d both be a lot better off with a sherpa!” Pam England

In these get-togethers when you’re pregnant, we’ll discuss and explore what happens in labour and birth and what options you have, as well as some decision making tools for on the day.  I want to make sure we all know what help you need and how I can help you during your labour and birth.

From your 38 week date, an extra layer of support will be there for you. From that date I will be there for you day or night and for as long as you need.  This on-call period means that, at whatever point you feel you need your doula support, I will be there.  I will come to you whatever time of day or night, and can then stay with you at home, or travel into the birth centre or hospital with you (or take you if you have no other transport).  I will then stay with you, ensuring you have the support you need, until after your baby is born.  I will stay with you, usually until after your baby’s first feed and you feel settled and safe, ready to spend some time with your new arrival and happy for me to leave.

My support doesn’t end there, I will stay in touch with you, and you can contact me at any time in the first 6 weeks with any questions or worries.  I’d also love to come and visit you a few days after the baby is born too, you’ll have the opportunity to talk through the birth in as much or as little detail as you feel ready to and we can both admire and adore your beautiful new baby

Some postnatal time is included in your birth package.  If you would like to book more time, some additional support for you and your family, for after your baby is born then please talk to me about adding it to your package for a reduced rate.