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Pregnancy and birth support, and helping a family out with a new baby, are not new skills.  Women have looked to others for help and support through this time in their lives for as long as history goes. The people who provide this support have not always been called doulas, but they have always been here.  The work that Zoe does provides support through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period for as long as needed.  Each family can pick the bits of support that they feel they need the most. You can opt for just antenatal education, antenatal support with birth doula, just postnatal doula support or everything!
If you want to find out more about what Zoe can offer you as a doula either before, during or after the birth then come and explore! You can also check out Doula UK for more general information.
If you have already decided, know what you want and you’re ready to book then go right ahead!  You can contact Zoe using the form at the bottom of this page.

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Choosing the right doula for you is important. Here are some of the things other clients have had to say about our time together...


fylde coast

"I instantly knew I could trust Zoe. I didn't feel alone any more and I just knew this amazing woman was going to help me through the most terrifying period of my life. I was pregnant, facing a c-section and terrified that I wouldn't be able to care for my new baby as I wanted.
Zoe ensured my baby was cared for while I rested. She was like a magic fairy! My husband felt the Zoe effect too."



"The impact of having Zoe by our side, meant that we now have an amazing sense of achievement and pride in that we experienced a calm, positive and intimate home birth. We would never have felt that calm and in control without Zoe's guidance and support. (And there wasn't that much mess! Zoe was amazing in making our home look like it always had. My husband was very grateful!)



"We were unsure of how we could balance both the care and attention required by expectant mother and of our first child. Zoe engaged with our daughter leaving me with precious time to be with my wife in her labour. Zoe supported us to birth our second child without the need for interventions or pain relievers."

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