I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing families. These are some of the things they have said after our time together:


“My wife and I found Zoe very helpful and supportive during our pregnancy. We feel fortunate to have had Zoe with us for the birth of our baby daughter. I am convinced that had she not been with us I personally would not have been able to cope throughout the more difficult stages.”


“Zoe was kind, courteous and understanding. I felt she genuinely cared about me and my baby’s wellbeing. She allayed my anxieties and provided praise support and encouragement. When you are a hormonal exhausted mess that is a real help! She helped around my home (which although I found a little weird to let someone do my washing up,) was incredibly helpful. She was extremely knowledgeable and was keen to help me with things I had shown an interest in i.e. breastfeeding, babywearing etc. I never felt judged or patronised, I don’t believe Zoe would judge any decisions made by mothers she was supporting. She empowered me and helped me recover, whilst respecting my values and wishes.”


“She[Zoe] was knowledgeable about many of the queries I had as a first time mum and shared her experience and expertise willingly and in a very supportive way. I never felt there was anything I couldn’t ask her views on, which was really great. She showed a great deal of empathy and concern for my wellbeing and [my baby’s] and provided the emotional support I very much needed in the months after childbirth.”


“She was immediately understanding and non judgemental and I felt instantly at ease with her. Choosing a Doula is really important as this is someone who you need to trust completely and who you believe will be there to support you and your birth partner whatever happens. I felt this with Zoe from the moment I met her and my husband felt the same.”


“… my positive birth experience… see just how much Zoe was a part of the success. She supported me and my husband in such a perfect way, I can’t recommend her enough!”


“Zoe was really kind and supportive and listened to my concerns and was really helpful. Importantly, I always felt that she was non-judgemental and always encouraged me to do what I felt was best for me and my baby. She did not impose her views but offered support in a really constructive and thoughtful way.”


“I felt she gave me confidence as a mother.”


“Its helped me:

-recover emotionally and physically from birth.

-bond with baby

-reduction of postnatal depression

-helped with breastfeeding.

If money is tight I would advise them to spend less on a pram/crib etc and hire a doula!”