Services and fees


DSC00961 (1024x768)-20131223-084906 Your standard birth package includes:

  • an initial free consultation in your own home to talk about what you need and what I can offer
  • two further antenatal meetings
  • help, if you need it, with writing your birth plan or birth preference list
  • keep in touch as needed via phone/texts/emails from the time you book
  • access to a regular birth-pool-in-a-box (with a deposit)
  • on-call period (normally from 38 weeks)
  • continuous one to one support from when you call me in labour, through the birth of your baby(ies) and until after the first feed
  • a postnatal meeting for reflecting on the birth and looking forward
  • six-week postnatal support via phone/text/email

Standard birth package from £495.


Your enhanced package includes all of the above and in addition:

  • 1 more antenatal meet-up
  • a pregnancy relaxation session
  • an optional appointment with a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
  • 10 hours postnatal support (to include Closing the Bones if requested)

Enhanced package from £895.




Postnatal support is very flexible and is tailored to the needs of each family.  As your doula, my role will be to enable you to feel best supported as a new parent.  Sometimes that can be making sure mum and baby get some undisturbed, quiet time to be together and feed. Other times it might be to hold and look after a new baby for a short time whilst mum herself has a sleep or a bath.  It can be so many different things to suit each family, maybe even doing some dishes and making lunch for a toddler to allow mum to rest! I’ve been known to walk dogs, accompany mum and baby to sling meets and build nursery furniture too!

We can arrange a combination of hours/days to suit you best.

If you live within Blackpool and the Fylde Coast then postnatal support is simply £16 per hour.

If you live outside of this area then I can still provide postnatal support and will charge travel expenses in addition to my time.


Access Fund

If you have genuine difficulties paying for birth or postnatal support, you can consider applying via Doula UK Access Fund . This provides doulas for those with financial hardship and helps more women have access to the emotional and practical support a doula can offer.



Antenatal Classes

If you are simply looking for some help preparing for birth then I also provide antenatal preparation sessions either in small groups or as a one-to-one in your own home.

Group sessions cost £45 for 3 sessions each lasting 1.5 hours

One-to-one sessions are available on request costing £65 for 3 sessions.





Closing the Bones

Closing the Bones is an ancient tradition offering an opportunity for women to be nurtured and begin to heal after a birth.  The method I have been taught has been brought over to the UK by Rocio Alcarcon from Ecuador and I have been lucky enough to learn from her directly to deepen my learning.  In essence the process is a slow and specific massage of the hips, belly and pelvis combined with the gentle moves of rebozo culminating in a wonderful wrapping of the bones, a closing together; this ritual is intended to ease, relax and women report finding it restorative. It can be done whenever the woman is ready after experiencing birth, and it may be be repeated as many times as she feels she needs and it can be done many years later.

I am thrilled to be able to offer this soothing and healing ritual for other women to experience. If you are interested and in the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre area then please contact me to book.

Closing the Bones is available at a time to suit you any time after your baby is born (see here for details) and costs £40.