Closing the Bones

I must admit I really love this postnatal ritual and if you haven’t heard of Closing the Bones before, allow me to tell you a little about it.  Closing the Bones is ancient wisdom, the kind that passes down through generations of women, the kind that offers nurturing and understanding and kindness to a new mother, the kind that offers an opportunity for women to be nurtured by someone who understands and to help her begin to heal after birth. 

In essence the process itself combines the gentle, soothing motion of rebozo or manteada with a slow and specific massage of the hips, belly and pelvis and culminating in a wonderful wrapping of the bones, a closing together and a time to reflect on the birth and to mark this moment in a woman’s life. This ritual is intended to ease and relax, and women report finding it restorative.  There is much more information about this practice on this website and if I’m not within reach you can look up your nearest practitioner there too.  The method I have been taught has been brought over to the UK by Rocio Alcarcon from Ecuador and I have been lucky enough to learn from her directly to deepen my learning.

Closing the Bones is available at a time to suit you any time after your baby is born (see here for details) and is offered in your own home or at Richmond House Holistice Therapy Centre in St. Annes.  The cost is £65.


If you are interested in this wonderful, soothing, postnatal ritual then please contact me by phone on 07743 299810, by email or by using the contact form here.