Antenatal sessions!




I’m now providing antenatal sessions and I’m very excited!

Why am I doing this?

I have always provided individual antenatal preparation with birth clients, tailored to their needs and in a very informal fashion and I have realised over time that this stuff just needs sharing!  In my role as a birth doula I support a woman or couple in THEIR journey without any steer from me. I listen to their stories, their hopes and fears, and as we talk I see them find their own answers. As their doula at their birth I can gently help them, remind them and if necessary advocate. Not every person wants a doula to be present,however I can still share information and help women and their partners, find and practice with the tools they need in pregnancy, birth and the early days. If you are looking for some extra help in the run up to birth, something to help you prepare, then why not book on to a course?

What is involved?

Over the course of three sessions we’ll look at:

  • decision making and the choices open to you, exploring how to make decisions and look broadly at birth plans/wish lists.
  • labour, the different ways that women give birth and consider how the support you have can make a real difference
  • after the birth, what to expect straight after and in the early days with a new baby

How much?

£65 for all 3 sessions.


Contact me or 07743 299810 to book or for more information on the next available course dates.



Closing the Bones

closing the bones prepIt’s been a while since I started as a doula and out of the skills I have been slowly gathering this is one I feel I must share more widely. Closing the Bones is an ancient wisdom that offers an opportunity for women to be nurtured and begin to heal after a birth.  In essence the process is a slow massage of the hips, belly and pelvis combined with the gentle moves of rebozo culminating in a wonderful wrapping of the bones, a closing together; healing and closing the bones which have been opened in the process of birth. It can be done whenever the woman is ready, soon after a birth or a long time later; in South American tradition, it is something which is performed repeatedly in the first 40 days after a birth. 

I am thrilled to be able to offer this soothing and healing ritual for other women to experience. If you are interested and in the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre area then please contact me to find out more – I’m offering a discount for all sessions booked before the end of February!

Celebration and giveaway!!!


To celebrate my personal achievement of becoming a recognised birth doula I want to share some doula joy.  I love what I do so much that I want to share some of my time *for free*!!!

So, if you want to take advantage of this limited time offer, first ‘like’ my page on facebook ( find the post that says ‘As promised… a fabulous giveaway…’ then like and comment with the word ‘doula’ – easy peasy!

Or you can click here, but I’m not entirely convinced this link will work :/

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Here are the official rules (cos there are always rules, right?)

1. Entries must be made at on the post which begins ‘As promised… a fabulous giveaway…’

2. The post must be liked AND commented on with the word ‘doula’.

3. Entries must be made before 8pm on Sunday 30th August 2015.

4. A single winner will be picked at random after 8pm Sunday 30th August 2015. Only comments made before 8pm will be included in the random draw.

5. The prize (10 hours free postnatal hours) must be taken within 6 months (i.e. by 29th February 2016).

6. The total of 10 hours can be taken over a flexible period of time in agreement between the winner and Zoe Walsh.

7. Additional hours can be arranged and paid for at the standard rate as stated at

8. For all entries from within postcodes FY1-Fy7 there will be no charge at all for services or travel.  Any entries from outside of this postcode area will recieve 10 hours free postnatal support as agree, however will be subject to a charge of travel expenses at 45p per return mile.

9. The winner will be notified via Facebook.

Thank you for reading and for joining in – Good Luck <3

What’s a postnatal doula anyway?

It feels like I have spent a lot of time talking to people about doulas, what it means, what doulas are able to offer and the like.  I realise (maybe belatedly!) that most of the time I focus on the birth bit. I guess that’s the bit most people ask questions about and so I have learned to respond in kind. The birth of a baby is a big deal – it’s a big day in anyone’s calendar but I haven’t shared so much about the other side of doula support, after the baby is born.

So, what’s a postnatal doula do?  Well, pretty much whatever that mum and baby need!

My role is to ‘mother the mother’ to look after the new mum so that she can best care for her baby. In some families, this is making sure that mum has eaten, has a drink and can just snuggle up and feed her baby. Sometimes it might be giving her the chance to sleep, shower and rest while I hold the baby. Often it involves sitting and listening to a new mum, while she tells her story, sounds out her feelings as a parent, slowly re-engages with the outside world after retreating for the birth. Invariably there is discussion around feeding and sleeping and nappies and the birth and all of it specific to that woman, to that family – the themes may be similar and the signposts may be too but every mum deserves to be listened to and attended to while she tends to her new baby, while she gets to know the new life that grew inside her. That new life that is now outside and looking for milk and mum’s smell and comfort and is so small and needy.   As a postnatal doula I am there for mums, in the way that helps them the best. Birth is a big deal, but then so is parenting. Being there for a family as they take their first steps together and work out how it’s all going to start to fit together is a wonderful thing.

Looking for more info? Get in touch with me or check out